The Music That Made Me — 4. Anthony Watkins

Welsh DJ and producer Anthony Watkins released ‘Satellite EP’ on Punch Up Records on 13th December 2021.

We asked him to give us the music that inspires him as a person and a musician.

You can buy or stream the EP on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer and many more via the following link:

Here’s the music that made Anthony Watkins.

Chemical Brothers — Hey Girl

This track was my first encounter with Techno / Acid. It blew my mind as a teenager, I’d never heard anything like it. At the age of thirteen I liked this track but my young high octane brain was more drawn to Hard House, Hardstyle and Trance. However the Chemical Brothers & The Prodigy were my gateways into electronic music.

Dogzilla — Dogzilla

Once I’d been converted to dance music I found a real passion for Trance. The high energy and melodies really spoke to me. This track has always stood out for me, the driving, phat proggy base, the well put together chords and melodies, it has it all. This track pointed me in the direction of a softer sound.

Trentemøller -Moan

It was Ibiza 2007 and minimal techno was going through a revamp. It had well and truly taken hold on the island. Moan was a track I heard at many different nights. I was struck by its complex simplicity, beautiful vocals cutting through a dark undertone. There was something about the dissonance I liked, this track opened the door to minimal for me, this had a big influence on my DJ style.

Apparat — Arcadia (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)

Once I’d taken to a softer melodic sound I became almost obsessed with Sasha. This track combined minimal with a fluffier element. It’s a stunning track, emotive vocals, melodic bass and good synth work.

Dubfire — Grindhouse

It’s mad to think this tune is now considered a classic! I remember hearing it for the first time at Escape’s experimental lounge, played by Rodman & Nik Lawson, two local legends who took me under their wing. It was so banging, I couldn’t stop dancing. Clever percussion, weird atmospheric sounds, driving low end whilst still sounding minimal. Class track!

Stephan Bodzin — Bedford

Bodzin was an artist that steered me into a deeper sound about the time of the rise of minimal. I love the intricacy of this record, it keeps the main ingredients for much later in the track. The bass doesn’t kick in until 3 minutes 38 seconds, I love it when a track keeps evolving and continues to surprise you. Plus at first it starts fairly downbeat but really jacks up once the bass drops, I think it’s so clever to have a track that is soft and hard in one.

Max Cooper — Symphonica

Max Cooper has probably had the most influence on me as an artist, the guy is so clever, combining science, amazing AV and deep music. This track was my first introduction to Max Cooper. It was at a house party after a night at the Warehouse project in Manchester, it was only at the drop I fully grasped what an absolute weapon this track is. Again I love how you don’t know all the cards until about mid way through the track. Dark, but yet beautiful, soft and then driving, genius.

Ben Klock — Subzero

It took me a while to find my way to Berlin Techno. Subzero by Ben Klock was like nothing else I’d heard at the time. I love how it’s proper driving techno underneath accompanied by dark synth work which softens it a little.

Premiesku — Dezarhiva

I was a late bloomer to Romanian minimal techno. Premiesku are a serious talent. They caught my attention with their live set up, plus they make belters but also more chilled stuff too. I love the percussion on this track. It sounds like it’s speaking in an almost human way, driving low end with a subtle synth. Romanian techno does a great job of combining house, minimal and techno to create its own unique sound.

Radiohead — Body Snatchers

I’ve never had a band speak to me emotionally as much as Radiohead. I really connected with their album In Rainbows. Body Snatchers is about having to participate in an economic system that you don’t agree with, doing a job you hate just to get by, instead of following your calling. I get that.

It’s a really heavy track for Radiohead, I like that about it, it’s got lots of minerals. The melodic switch up in the middle is lush, then it turns dark. I think it’s such a clever production.

Satellite EP was released on Monday 13th December on Punch Up Records.

Listen here:

Anthony Watkins Links: Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Beatport // Spotify

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At Swim: Words

At Swim is a creative arts company based in the UK. You’ll find writing here from At Swim contributors and the artists we’re working with.

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